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The Future State of Balkania


Read about the 'Future State of Balkania'
The workshop 'Designing the Future State of Balkania', will be held in Helsinki between 16 and 23 October 1999. The workshop can be seen as a follow-up of an initiative developed during the Syndicate meeting in Budapest in April this year...

Balkania Projects
Have a look at how Balkanians see things...
balkanian spermatozoid - alternative site interface
humpty dumpty meaning generator
musical chairs
ich bin ein balkanier
balkan sky express pizza
eXXXplicit pizza menu
future generator
future of balkan
how do you feel?
welcome to the future state of balkania
texts written in the course of the workshop

The Future Generator of Balkania
Engage in Balkania's very special future generator to make sure that the future of the state and the future state of the state of Balkania is in your hands...

Balkan Sky Express Pizza Delivery Service
There are so many layers of ingredients that you would expect only a pizza to be able to hold it all. 12 hour delivery from the Balkans to any Texan air base...

Workshop diary

A summary of the issues and ideas that came up during the first two days of the workshop.
day 1
day 2

Enter the discussion
This is the open discussion forum of Balkania. Everyone is invited to construct a thought provoking parallel reality that, although deriving its meaning from the history and problems of the Balkans needs to be crucially different...

Discussion Papers
Read some of the texts that inspired the future state of Balkania or hoped to influence the direction in which it developed.

Background Materials
Read historical texts relevant to the future state of Balkania.

The Future State of Balkania started out as part of the TEMPorary media lab at Kiasma between 17 and 23 October 1999. This website, just like any future, is to be considered work in progress.

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