2009-10-05: Upon request from the NSK Information Center, this page replaces an older version of the application form.


Art is fanaticism that demands diplomacy.

Anybody can become an NSK Passport holder and acquire the status of an NSK citizen. The NSK state denies in its fundamental acts the categories of (limited) territory, the principle of national borders, and advocates the law of transnationality.

The bearer of the NSK passport becomes a citizen of NSK. Vital statistics of the bearer are logged in the NSK citizenship register.

The passport is numbered and untransferable; its validity is limited and renwable. By signing the adjoining statement the bearer pledges to participate on a best-effort basis to support the integrity of the NSK state. This passport may not be misused for criminal, ideological, religious or political purposes conflicting with the contents of NSK and/or jeopardizing the reputation and good name of NSK. Citizenship ceases with the expiriation, return or confiscation of the passport.

The passport is a document of a subversive nature and unique value. A holder fills in data and collects in it stamps, signatures, etc., at NSK events and similar campaigns. In this sense, the applicability of the passport is unlimited and subject to the responsibility of its holder.

Dark green passport bound in hard cover and made in accordance with European standards.

Size: 12.5 x 8.9 cm, 32 numbered pages.



Send a letter with the information required about the Passport (include IRC for reply).

If you decide to become a citizen you can print out the application form and send it, with two photographs, to the NSK Information Centre, p.p. 101, SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia, NSK.



1. Surname or family names



2. First name



3. Other names (Maiden, Religious, Aliases)



4. Date of birth (Day, Month, Year) ______________________________________________________

5. Place of birth (City, Country) ______________________________________________________



Permanent residence:

6. Street (including apartment No.) ______________________________________________________

7. City


8. Province and postal zone ______________________________________________________



9. Country


10. Profession



11. Home telephone No.


12. Business telephone No.


13. E-mail



14. Sex

Female __________________Male ________________________

15. Blood group _______________________________________

16. Colour of hair ______________________________________

17. Colour of eyes _____________________________________

18. Height _____________________________________________

19. Previous/parallel citizenship _______________________________________________________

20. Are you or have you been a member of any particular political or artistic group and organisation? If yes, name them



I..............................................................................being of sound mind and body, hereby declare that the information provided above is true and correct. By signing this form and becoming a passport bearer and citizen of NSK I commit myself to the principle that I will not abuse this document for any criminal, ideological, artistic, religious or political purpose not in compliance with the principles of NSK, or which would otherwise threaten its reputation and good name.

Date of application _____________________________

Signature ______________________________________



Passport issued: ______________________________________

Day Month Year: ______________________________________

Passport No. __________________________________________

Issued by _____________________________________________


Please enclose 2 photos (30mm x 40mm)




- to our account:

  Društvo NSK info. Center NLB d.d. Branch Ljubljana Center
  Trg republike 1, 1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  IBAN: SI56 0201 0001 8373 512, SWIFT code: LJBASI2X

  All costs of bank transfers are covered by the applicant.
  (No passport will be issued, if the sum received by the issuer is insufficient, and no refund will be given.)

- cash with registered letter

- IMO’s (payable to Društvo NSK info. Center)

Enclose proof of payment with the application form!

Send the application form, together with two photographs, to the following address:

NSK INFORMATION CENTER, P.P. 101, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia, NSK.

Enclose proof of payment.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
Citizenship does not imply NSK membership.


The NSK State was founded in 1992 by members of the Neue Slowenische Kunst informal organisation.

The NSK State holds the status of a virtual state without physical territory, and does not exist in the real, three-dimensional space. Its sole territory is time.

Owning the NSK State passport does not grant citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia or any other country or the world within coordinates of physical territory.

The NSK State passport does not facilitate legal passing of concrete international borders.