thanks to anyone who actually called police stations protesting our
treatment.  i just got out of jail about an hour ago, and i can honestly
say that it was my worst experience with police, ever.  the jail
solidarity strategy was entirely pre-empted by the cops and the courts,
and we were essentially stuck abiding to something prescribed by outside
lawyers who had no idea what was going on and were being utterly barred
from having any contact with us.  handcuffed activists were violently
attacked by US marshalls for merely asking to see their lawyers.
personally, i have not yet recovered full circulation in my left thumb,
after being cuffed so tightly that i seriously feared i might lose my
hand.  i had to scream for nearly 30 minutes before anyone even looked
at it.  i also had to threaten to urinate on the floor of the police
training facility in anacostia before i was allowed to use the bathroom,
as had been promised me hours before.  never once did i get dry clothes,
or even a blanket, and i just now stopped the shivering/teeth-chattering
that i have been enduring for roughly 18 hours, now.

keep calling.  i got smart and decided to give my name.  others have
decided not to, and will likely remain in jail until they do.  i
wouldn't trust the accounts of the lawyers who have agreed to handle the
activist arrests.  they clearly do not understand what is going on
inside there.  i'm not suggesting they are at fault, i just think the
cops have the upper-hand in this one, and the lawyers don't even have a
clue, yet.

peace, love, and solidarity.