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> Statement Issued by the

> Union of Youth Activities Centers - Palestine

> "The Jerusalem Intifada"


> To our great Palestinian people,


> The people of sacrifice, the prisoners, the injured, and the martyrs

> through the century; The people of the return, Jerusalem,

> sovereignty, self-determination, and the independent Palestinian

> state; To our scattered people in exile in the camps.


> Since the unjust League of Nations resolution that established the

> British mandate in Palestine in the 1920s; since the acceptance by

> the international community of the Balfour Declaration which formed

> the basis of the Mandate and obliged Britain to facilitate Jewish

> migration and settlement on our Palestinian land through imperial

> military and financial power; since that time, our people have been

> struggling day by day, our national history is full of so many

> revolutions and uprisings "intifadas", to defend the land and the

> holy sites, and to defend Palestinian existence and the right to self-

> determination.


> The first Jerusalem intifada took place in April 1920 in response to

> the Paris peace conference where a plan was announced to carve up the

> defeated German and Ottoman empires after the first world war. In

> 1929 the Buraq uprising came in response to Jewish racist behavior,

> followed by the revolution and general strike of 1936 against British

> connivance with Zionist plans, and then came the war of 1948. The

> 1948 war resulted in the establishment of the state of Israel on 78

> percent of the land of historical Palestine. In 1965 a modern

> revolution demanded the return of our people in exile, and in 1987

> the Intifada set the foundations for our independent state. We shall

> continue our national struggle, it will keep burning until the last

> Jerusalem intifada.


> Despite the time invested in negotiations and vain attempts at

> marketing solutions, these efforts have ended with more partitions of

> the homeland through the cancer of settlement expansion, the denial

> of sovereignty over our borders, water, underground resources, and

> the airspace; the prisoners remain in Israeli jails, and refugees and

> displaced Palestinians remain in exile. The obstinacy of the

> occupation has been further compounded by military power and

> superpower protection that denies Palestinians their legitimate

> rights.


> We must point out here the mentality of the occupation, as revealed

> in the cold-blooded behavior of Israeli soldiers who have murdered in

> front of the TV cameras from around the world, Aqel, Kayan, Fou'ad,

> and the dream of the Palestinian child from Gaza, Mohammed ad-Dura.


> Our great people,

> Since the last Camp David negotiations Israel has continued its

> deceptive maneuvers on the final status issues. Since that time,

> Israel has tried to show that the final status negotiations are only

> about the walls of Jerusalem and the holy sites, especially al-Aqsa

> Mosque and the Western Wall, and they have tried to convince that the

> other final status issues have already been agreed upon and so they

> are not a subject for war.


> As a means of continuing these deceptive measures, Sharon's visit to

> the al-Aqsa Mosque, accompanied by well-armed militia, expressing the

> position of the both the Israeli government and opposition, attempted

> to explode Palestinian priorities at the negotiation table and deny

> the historical facts and priorities, which is the land and the

> original inhabitants who are scattered in exile.


> In this way Israel is trying to deceive - through political and

> psychological smoke and mirrors tactics, and now through the

> massacres being committed by Israel against unarmed civilians using

> live ammunition, missiles, helicopters and tanks - and confuse the

> international community, and the Arab and Palestinian public and mix

> the cards. This method has been used by Israel since the first ship

> of Jewish immigrants reached our coast a century ago.


> Israel aims to exhaust our people's power, in order to impose the

> agenda at the negotiation table, and thereby jump over the foundation

> and facts of the conflict. They want us to reach the last phase of

> the negotiations exhausted, raising the white flag, and thereby try

> to negate our right of return and forgetting about the fact that the

> conflict is not only about Jerusalem. Every political and economic

> analysis of Israel concerning its role in the Middle East leads us to

> realize how much this role is connected to imperialist aims. Religion

> is used to subordinate so many other critical issues in the conflict.


> Our great people,

> We in the Union of Youth Activities Centers in the refugee camps in

> Palestine, fighting with our people the battle of Jerusalem to defend

> its Arab character, history and civilization, consider Jerusalem to

> be one of the treasures of religion, history, and civilization, and

> as an inseparable part of the occupied Palestinian areas according to

> international law.


> We are warning against the persistent arrogant mentality of Israel

> and its criminal behavior against our people in order to reach a

> solution that ends with talks about Jerusalem. This kind of a

> solution is not the key that Israel is looking for to open the door

> to a historical settlement and an end of the conflict.


> If Israel is the one who chose the time of this battle to fit their

> historical and religious illusions, the battle of Jerusalem is a real

> battle, and the Palestinian people who have gone through previous

> battles for the land, return, and the state, promise to God and the

> martyrs to continue forward to achieve their national rights, headed

> by the right of return, the state, and Jerusalem as the eternal

> capital of Palestine.


> Eternity and honor for the martyrs


> Jerusalem

> 2 October 2000


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> For further information contact: Union of Youth Activity Centers-

> Palestine Refugee Camps, tel/fax: 00972-2-5835731

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