Subject: Trade Patriot Buchanan
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:34:55 -0500
From: Mike Dolan <>

We observe that the populist movement against the so-called "free trade" agenda of the transnational corporate elite transcends partisan politics; and whatever else you say about Pat Buchanan, he will be the only candidate in the 2000 presidential sweepstakes who will passionately and unconditionally defend the legitimate expectations of working families in the global economy.

We note further that the defeat of "Fast Track" last year depended upon 71 Republican votes in the House to butress the progressive Democratic antipathy to NAFTA expasnion.

Finally, we direct your attention back to the L.A. Times story [February 28, 1999, Sunday, Part A; Page 1: "TRADE PACTS ACCUSED OF SUBVERTING U.S. POLICIES" by Evelyn Iritani], recently posted to this modest listserve. Fair Trade partisans across a wide ideological spectrum share our concern -- even indignation -- over the damage to the fundamentals of governance and sovereignty wrought by the NAFTA and the GATT/WTO.

Forwarded article: Buchanan Dumps on Clinton Steel Policy, by Edward Walsh, Washington Post, 2 March 1999

Mike Dolan, Field Director
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch
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