Pressebüro Savanne, Guatemala (English)

This is a selection of WWW pages on Guatemala.
  1. Archive of La Nación (in Spanish, from San José, Costa Rica).
  2. Guatemala Peace Delegation Home Page
  3. Ed Brown's Resource Information

  4. on Guatemala.
  5. Constitution of Guatemala (in Spanish)
  6. We specifically disagree and condemn the purpose of the Fundesa's Business Guidebook, but though the information about business laws and labor laws and other intricacies of the so-called world order is meant for foreign investors, we hope that Guatemala solidarity groups and other interested persons can glean some information there, too. You may also wish to have a look at the main QuetzalNet page, which gives a profile of Guatemala for investors and points to various pages with more such information. They also publish a monthly News Watch bulletin.
  7. White House Vigil for Truth About Guatemala, about torture and death squads in Guatemala and US involvement there, and more specifically the case of Dianna Ortiz (April 1996)
  8. Making Guatemala a killing field, Chapter 2.04 from the book What Uncle Sam Really Wants by Noam Chomsky (1993).
  9. Street Kids in Guatemala City, by Brian Quinby (Teletimes, December 1993)
  10. Landmines in Guatemala, MINUGUA report (7 February 1996)
  11. A short account of unsuccessful efforts to make the Human Genome Diversity Project palatable to the people of Quetzaltenango, by Henry Greely of the HGDP (16 December 1993). This is somewhat anecdotal.
  12. Guatemala - Trade & Marketing Information, provided by the Center for Global Trade Development (CGTD).

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